The Sandbox

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# The Sandbox

In our envisioned usage scenario, the SubQuery node is usually run by a trusted host, and the code of the SubQuery project submitted by the user to the node is not entirely trustworthy.

Some malicious code is likely to attack the host or even compromise it, and cause damage to the data of other projects in the same host. Therefore, we use the VM2 (opens new window) sandbox secured mechanism to reduce risks. This:

  • Runs untrusted code securely in an isolated context and malicious code will not access the network and file system of the host unless through the exposed interface we injected into the sandbox.

  • Securely calls methods and exchanges data and callbacks between sandboxes.

  • Is immune to many known methods of attack.

# Restriction

  • To limit access to certain built-in modules, only assert, buffer, crypto,util and path are whitelisted.

  • We support 3rd party modules written in CommonJS and hybrid libraries like @polkadot/* that use ESM as default.

  • Any modules using HTTP and WebSocket are forbidden.

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